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We welcome you to Achaderry, and invite you to stay and explore our beautiful Highland estate, we also want you to be entirely safe when you are walking around the land or participating in activities. So we want to make you aware of some possible dangers.

Hot Tub
The Hot Tub is great fun but it can be a dangerous place. To prevent water contamination the hot tub is inspected each day of your stay. The water is balanced and clorified. We have to insist that all young and vulnerable people are fully supervised. Alcohol and water are a dangerous mix so we do not encourage drinking in the hot tub.  Broken glass is a problem so we have to insist that glass is not allowed in the hot tub room. We do provide plastic tumblers for drinks.

For your’s and others health we recommend that people shower before they enter the hot tub. The shower is located next to the hot tub room.

Water is potentially lethal. Please do not go onto the water unless you are wearing a buoyancy aid or life jacket. If you are fishing take great care around the shore of our lochans – they are deep. Never allow children to play unsupervised anywhere on the estate.

Forest Walks
Be mindful of Ticks. We have never encountered them to date but if you do have one please seek assistance to remove them.